Digital Media Buying and Planning Certification

Exam Information

All candidates that apply for the DPBC certification will have 6 months following their application date to successfully complete the DBPC examination.

Individuals that do not pass their exam will have to wait until they receive their official score report and pay a $175 re-test fee.

Anyone that exceeds the 6 months exam timeline will have to re-apply for the exam and pay all applicable fees.

Examination Blueprint

Collaborating on Campaign Briefs


  • Establish Plan Parameters
  • Develop Media Objectives
  • Establish Buying Guidelines
  • Establish Available Assets
  • Construct Planning Timeline

Creating Media Strategies


  • Conduct Campaign Research Activities
  • Define Media Mix Allocation
  • Collaborate with Creative Agencies
  • Design Data Strategy and Measurement Plan
  • Develop Strategic Recommendation for Brand

Developing Digital Media Plans


  • Manage RFP Process
  • Evaluate and Negotiate Media Proposals
  • Forecast Media Returns
  • Finalize Media Plan

Executing Campaigns


  • Negotiate Vendor Terms and Conditions
  • Manage IO Process
  • Kick-off Campaign
  • Manage Trafficking and Tagging Process
  • Manage Reporting Process
  • Verify Campaign Launch

Managing Campaigns


  • Analyze and Optimize Campaign
  • Troubleshoot Campaign
  • Manage Flowchart Process
  • Managing Digital Media Finances

Educating Stakeholders


  • Create Ad Hoc Reporting
  • Construct Industry POVs
  • Setup Media Days