Digital Marketing and Media Foundation

Certification Overview

The IAB Digital Marketing and Media Foundation (DMFC) is the fundamental industry credential for Digital Marketing and Media professionals. Individuals who earn the IAB Digital Marketing and Media Foundations Certification have demonstrated their knowledge and competency in Digital Marketing and Media with capabilities in digital ad operations, sales, marketing, media planning, and data analytics. Individuals meeting eligibility requirements must pass a multiple-choice exam in order to qualify for certification and earn the DMFC designation.

The DMFC certification is for professionals that support companies throughout the media buying lifecycle. Representative companies include advertisers, agencies, media properties, and/or technology platforms. They often have a solid understanding of Digital Marketing and Media and the overall digital media ecosystem enabling this associate to complete campaign planning, execution, and analysis tasks for a range of Digital Marketing and Media departments.

The DMFC credential is built on the belief that a successful and knowledgeable digital media Advertising professional should have a foundational understanding of these five areas:

  1. Comprehending the Digital Advertising Ecosystem
  2. Gathering Pre-Campaign Information
  3. Executing the Campaign
  4. Monitoring the Live Campaign
  5. Campaign Reporting and Analysis