Digital Marketing and Media Foundation

Exam Information

All candidates that apply for the DMFC certification will have 6 months following their application date to successfully complete the DMFC examination.

Individuals that do not pass their exam will have to wait until they receive their official score report and pay a $175 re-test fee.

Anyone that exceeds the 6 months exam timeline will have to re-apply for the exam and pay all applicable fees.

Examination Blueprint

Comprehending the Digital Advertising Ecosystem


  • Explain Traditional Marketing Models
  • Describe the Media Value Chain
  • Describe Digital Advertising Formats
  • Differentiate Digital Advertising Platforms
  • Define Key Digital Advertising Tools and Technologies
  • Calculate Media Mathematics
  • Adhere to Compliance Standards/Policies

Gathering Pre-Campaign Information


  • Receive Client Brief (Agency Side)
  • Determine Campaign Timeline
  • Understand the Planning and Buying Process
  • Forecast Inventory
  • Fundamentals of an IO
  • Conduct Kick-Off Call
  • Collect Potential Assets
  • Align Creative Assets with Media Plan

Executing the Campaign


  • Create Traffic Sheet (Agency Side)
  • Book Campaign in Ad Server (Publisher Side)
  • Differentiate and Activate Tag Types
  • Confirm Campaign Launch

Monitoring the Live Campaign


  • Check Campaign Delivery and Pacing
  • Optimize Campaign Performance and Execute Modifications
  • Troubleshoot Campaign

Campaign Reporting and Analysis


  • Generate and Schedule Reports
  • Provide Benchmarks for Success
  • Conduct Post-Campaign Analysis
  • Perform Billing and Reconciliation Activities