Digital Ad Operations Certification

Exam Information

All candidates that apply for the DAOC certification will have 6 months following their application date to successfully complete the DAOC examination.

Individuals that do not pass their exam will have to wait for their official score report to be processed and pay a $175 re-test fee.

Anyone that exceeds the 6 months exam timeline will have to re-apply for the exam and pay all applicable fees.

Examination Blueprint

Executing Campaign Launch


  • Align Campaign Goals with Execution Strategy
  • Check Inventory and Availability
  • Ensure Tracking Tags are in Place
  • Enter Order Details
  • Perform Asset Intake
  • Review and Align Assets with the Media Plan
  • Implement Creative Assets
  • Perform QA and Pre-Launch Testing
  • Verify Successful Launch

Managing Live Campaign


  • Manage Client Expectations
  • Monitor Campaign Performance and Delivery
  • Troubleshoot Live Issues
  • Provide Campaign Reporting
  • Investigate Discrepancy
  • Manage Client Communications
  • Recommend Adjustments to the Campaign
  • Optimize Campaign
  • Manage Campaign Revisions
  • Respond to Malicious Activity
  • Reconcile Monthly Billing
  • Perform Post-Campaign Reporting Activities

Supporting Ad Operations Initiatives


  • Understand Industry Ecosystem and Terminology
  • Assist with Onboarding New Partners
  • Assist with QA of New Ad Products
  • Document Bugs, Workarounds, and Enhancement Requirements
  • Provide Internal and External Operational Feedback
  • Contribute to Product or Feature Strategy
  • Contribute to Research and Analytics

Managing Incidents


  • Perform Initial Diagnostics
  • Identify Incident Severity
  • Communicate Expectations, Updates, and Resolutions to Internal and External Clients
  • Advise on Business Impact and Incident Resolutions
  • Create and Supply Post-Mortems